The main concept of the IMPACT proposal is the development of improved materials based on the industrial mineral olivine having to main goals:

i) the increase in the refractoriness of refractory masses for applications in the steel industry and the

ii) substitution of silicon oxide in the casting sand in foundries with a more environmentally friendly raw material.

The proposed project, IMPACT, is in absolute agreement with the requirements of the call topic “Ειδικής Δράσης «Υδατοκαλλιέργειες»-«Βιομηχανικά Υλικά»-«Ανοιχτή Καινοτομία στον Πολιτισμό» -Περιοχή Παρέμβασης 1.16: Βιομηχανικά υλικά αναβαθμισμένης επίδοσης-Θεματικό Τομέα 1.16.4: Ανάπτυξη υλικών για ιδιαίτερα απαιτητικά περιβάλλοντα χρήσης στις κατασκευές και την βιομηχανία (π.χ. υψηλή διάβρωση, χημική προσβολή, θερμοκρασία κ.ά., ανόργανα και οργανικά υλικά: ενδεικτικά υλικά πυράντοχα, πυρίμαχα)”. Within the project the possibility of developing advanced industrial materials based on olivine with the goal to apply these materials in high temperature processes in steel industry and in foundries, will be investigated. The challenges that motivate the proposed project IMPACT are related to the need for the development of industrial refractory materials that can cope with the demanding environment of the high temperature processes in steel industries and foundries and with the continuous need for the use of more environmentally friendly materials. IMPACT will try to answer to these challenges by investigating the development of improved refractory materials based on the industrial mineral olivine, (substituting conventional materials) for the lining of electric arc furnaces and casting sands for foundries.
The main aim of IMPACT is the utilization of olivine for for the lining of electric arc furnaces:
i) The production of refractory masses on olivine for the lining of electric arc furnaces:

  • Reduction of time for repair
  • Increase of lifetime of furnace ~15%
  • Reduction of cost/tn of refractory mass ~30%

ii) The production of casting sand based on olivine:

  • High quality of produced cast metals with fine surfaces
  • Replacement of silicon oxide (main cause for silicosis)
  • Substitution of phenolic resins with environmentally friendly binders
  • Increase of sand recycling~10%
  • Cost reduction/tn of sand ~15%

iii) Study of health effects
iv) techno-economic study


Figure 1. Upper left image backfilling work at EAF furnaces, lower left image olivine mineral, and on the right image, metal casting work and silica hazard sign

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